1000 từ tiếng Anh thông dụng

by HALO Education

Thay vì ôm đồm cả quyển từ điển dày cộp với hàng trăm nghìn từ để học tiếng Anh, bạn chỉ cần với 1000 từ tiếng Anh thông dụng sau đây sẽ giúp bạn có thể tự tin có vốn từ vựng rất tốt.

1.the, of, to, and, a, in, is, it, you, that

2. he, was, for, on, are, with, as, I, his, they

3. be, at, one, have, this, from, or, had, by, hot

4. word, but, what, some, we, can, out, other, were, all

5. there, when, up, use, your, how, said, an, each, she

6. which, do, their, time, if, will, way, about, many, then

7. them, write, would, like, so, these, her, long, make, thing

8. see, him, two, has, look, more, day, could, go, come

9. did, number, sound, no, most, people, my, over, know

10. water, than, call, first, who, may, down, side, been, now

11. find, any, new, work, part, take, get, place, made

12. live, where, after, back, little, only, round, man, year, came

13. show, every, good, me, give, our, under, name, very, through

14. just, form, sentence, great, think, say, help, low, line, differ

15. turn, cause, much, mean, before, move, right, boy, old, too

16. same, tell, does, set, three, want, air, well, also, play

17. small, end, put, home, read, hand, port, large, spell, add

18. even, land, here, must, big, high, such, follow, act, why

19. ask, men, change, went, light, kind, off, need, house, picture

20. try, us, again, animal, point, mother, world, near, build, self

21. earth, father, head, stand, own, page, should, country, found, answer

22. school, grow, study, still, learn, plant, cover, food, sun, four

23. between, state, keep, eye, never, last, let, thought, city, tree

24. cross, farm, hard, start, might, story, saw, far, sea, draw

25. left, late, run, don’t, while, press, close, night, real, life

26. few, north, open, seem, together, next, white, children, begin, got

27. walk, example, ease, paper, group, always, music, those, both, mark

28. often, letter, until, mile, river, car, feet, care, second, book

29. carry, took, science, eat, room, friend, began, idea, fish, mountain

30. stop, once, base, hear, horse, cut, sure, watch, color, face

31. wood, main, enough, plain, girl, usual, young, ready, above, ever

32. red, list, though, feel, talk, bird, soon, body, dog, family,

33. direct, pose, leave, song, measure, door, product, black, short, numeral

34. class, wind, question, happen, complete, ship, area, half, rock, order

35. fire, south, problem, piece, told, knew, pass, since, top, whole

36. king, space, heard, best, hour, better, true ., during, hundred, five

37. remember, step, early, hold, west, ground, interest, reach, fast, verb

38. sing, listen, six, table, travel, less, morning,ten, simple, several

39. vowel, toward, war, lay, against, pattern, slow, center, love, person

40. money, serve, appear, road, map, rain, rule, govern, pull, cold

41. notice, voice, unit, power, town, fine, certain, fly, fall, lead

42. cry, dark, machine, note, wait, plan, figure, star, box, noun

43. field, rest, correct, able, pound, done, beauty, drive, stood, contain

44. front, teach, week, final, gave, green, oh, quick, develop, ocean

45. warm, free, minute, strong, special, mind, behind, clear, tail, produce

46. fact, street, inch, multiply, nothing, course, stay, wheel, full, force

47. blue, object, decide, surface, deep, moon, island, foot, system, busy

48. test, record, boat, common, gold, possible, plane, stead, dry, wonder

49. laugh, thousand, ago, ran, check, game, shape, equate, hot, miss

50. brought, heat, snow, tire, bring, yes, distant, fill, east, paint

1000 từ tiếng Anh thông dụng

1000 từ tiếng Anh thông dụng

51. language, among, grand, ball, yet, wave, drop, heart, am, present

52. heavy, dance, engine, position, arm, wide, sail, material, size, vary

53. settle, speak, weight, general, ice, matter, circle, pair, include

54. divide, syllable, felt, perhaps, pick, sudden, count, square, reason, length

55. represent, art, subject, region, energy, hunt, probable, bed, brother, egg

56. ride, cell, believe, fraction, forest, sit, race, window, store, summer

57. train, sleep, prove, lone, leg, exercise, wall, catch, mount, wish

58. sky, board, joy, winter, sat, written, wild, instrument, kept, glass

59. grass, cow, job, edge, sign, visit, past, soft, fun, bright

60. gas, weather, month, million, bear, finish, happy, hope, flower, clothe

61. strange, gone, jump, baby, eight, village, meet, root, buy, raise

62. solve, metal, whether, push, seven, paragraph, third, shall, held, hair

63. describe, cook, floor, either, result, burn, hill, safe,cat, century

64. consider, type, law, bit, coast, copy, phrase, silent, tall, sand

65. soil, roll, temperature, finger, industry, value, fight, lie, beat, excite

66. natural, view, sense, ear, else, quite, broke, case, middle, kill

67. son, lake, moment, scale, loud, spring, observe, child, straight, consonant

68. nation, dictionary, milk, speed, method, organ, pay, age, section, dress

69. cloud, surprise, quiet, stone, tiny, climb, cool, design, poor, lot

70. experiment, bottom, key, iron, single, stick, flat, twenty, skin, smile

71. crease, hole, trade, melody, trip, office, receive, row, mouth, exact

72. symbol, die, least, trouble, shout, except, wrote, seed, tone, join

73. suggest, clean, break, lady, yard, rise, bad, blow, oil, blood

74. touch, grew, cent, mix, team, wire, cost, lost, brown, wear

75. garden, equal, sent, choose, fell, fit, flow, fair, bank, collect

76. save, control, decimal, gentle, woman, captain, practice, separate, difficult,


77. please, protect, noon, whose, locate, ring, character, insect, caught, period

78. indicate, radio, spoke, atom, human, history, effect, electric, expect, crop

79. modern, element, hit, student, corner, party, supply, bone, rail, imagine

80. provide, agree, thus, capital, won’t, chair, danger, fruit, rich, thick

81. soldier, process, operate, guess, necessary, sharp, wing, create, neighbor,


82. bat, rather, crowd, corn, compare, poem, string, bell, depend, meat

83. rub, tube, famous, dollar, stream, fear, sight, thin, triangle, planet

84. hurry, chief, colony, clock, mine, tie, enter, major, fresh, search

85. send, yellow, gun, allow, print, dead, spot, desert, suit, current

86. lift, rose, continue, block, chart, hat, sell, success, company, subtract

87. event, particular, deal, swim, term, opposite, wife, shoe, shoulder, spread

88. arrange, camp, invent, cotton, born, determine, quart, nine, truck, noise

89. level, chance, gather, shop, stretch, throw, shine, property, column, molecule

90. select, wrong, gray, repeat, require, broad, prepare, salt, nose, plural

91. anger, claim, continent, oxygen, sugar, death, pretty, skill, women, season

92. solution, magnet, silver, thank, branch, match, suffix, especially, fig, afraid

93. huge, sister, steel, discuss, forward, similar, guide, experience, score, apple

94. bought, led, pitch, coat, mass, card, band, rope, slip, win

95. dream, evening, condition, feed, tool, total, basic, smell, valley, nor,

96. double, seat, arrive, master, track, parent, shore, division, sheet, substance

97. favor, connect, post, spend, chord, fat, glad, original, share, station

98. dad, bread, charge, proper, bar, offer, segment, slave, duck, instant

99. market, degree, populate, chick, dear, enemy, reply, drink, occur, support

100. speech, nature, range, steam, motion, path, liquid, log, meant, quotient, teeth, shell, neck

Trên đây là 1000 từ tiếng anh thông dụng mà Trung tâm tư vấn du học HALO đã tổng hợp lại. HALO hy vọng sẽ giúp các bạn có thể giao tiếp cơ bản với những cuộc giao tiếp thường ngày.

Các bạn đừng quên tham gia và theo dõi Fanpage, Group “Tự học Tiếng Anh” của HALO để biết thêm các thông tin về khoá học tiếng Anh miễn phí hay những chia sẻ phương pháp học Tiếng Anh tốt nhất

Link chi tiết group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/217812571931598/


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